Adventure Run Prep

Last night I went up to Fireside at Norterra to check out the streets and trails that we’ll be traversing during the Adventure Run on Sunday. I ended up “wogging” for a few reasons. First, it was difficult to read and write on the map while running. My legs were stiff because I didn’t really have any place to stretch before I started. My left shoulder is also sore. I’m not sure what happened. It’s not like the kind of soreness from overdoing a workout. I think maybe I slept funny on Wednesday night.

I’m glad I took the opportunity to check out the “course” before Sunday. While the map is pretty easy to follow, I did find a couple street names that were switched and some roads and trails aren’t quite the same as shown on the map. By knowing the roads, I should be able to go a little more quickly since I won’t have to check the map as often. I’m also mentally prepared to tackle one of the long trails that’s pretty much uphill the whole way.

There’s a packet pick-up for the Adventure Run on Saturday, but I think I’ll wait until Sunday morning. Parking is supposed to be limited so it makes sense to arrive early on Sunday. The only reason I sort of want to pick up my packet on Saturday is to figure out how to pin my bib on my shirt while wearing my fuel belt. But that doesn’t seem like enough of a reason to drive all the way up to Fireside at Norterra.

It’ll be interesting to see how many people are there on Sunday. I just got a pre-race email which mentions the limited parking, but also includes a bold note that anyone who brings a volunteer or new race participant will receive 50% of the next Adventure Run. So it seems like they may not have as many people signed up as they hoped for. That’s good news to me. I know I’m slow, so I’m not going in with any expectations of placing. But the less people there are, the better my chances of maybe getting an age group award.


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