Yay for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day yesterday, I rode my bike to and from the gym for the first time. Well, okay so it wasn’t really in honor of Earth Day, but it’s a nice coincidence. Troy rode with me to show me how to lock up my bike properly. I’m such a beginner at all this stuff. Becoming a cyclist is much more complicated than becoming a runner.

I’m still a little nervous about riding on the road, especially at intersections and crossing the street. But for the most part Arizona drivers seem to be courteous about sharing the road. Just to be safe though, I asked Troy to start looking for a bike light for me so I’m more visible riding home from the gym at night.

Anyway, it feels good to be getting in some additional exercise while being nicer to the environment by not driving. And it really doesn’t take that much longer by bike instead of car. In a way, it’s even more convenient because I can park my bike right across from the gym.

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