Tuesday night track workout

I made it back to the Arizona Road Racers Tuesday night track workout again yesterday. I skipped the Tuesday after the Havasu Half and last week I was dealing with the metatarsalgia in my left foot. Also, last week was an open mile so even if I hadn’t been bothered by the metatarsalgia, I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway. I’m not ready to do a timed mile yet.

Anyway, the workout yesterday was 1 800, 6 400s, and 1 800. I managed to do them all at a fairly consistent pace which seems to be the goal. The first 800 was in 4:15, the 400s were almost all 2:00 even, and the last 800 was in 4:16. I was tired, but felt good after the workout. I like this new structured aspect to my training. It’s nice knowing that Tuesday is speedwork day. And having a coach say “go” forces me to run even when I’m tired. Hopefully as the weeks pass I’ll get to know more of the other runners. I’m just not very good at meeting new people.


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