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Shopping Adventures

I’ve been wearing my running clothes for biking up until now, which is okay but not ideal. So over the weekend I went shopping.

First up was the expo for the Tri For The Cure. It was small, but the three main vendors were decent. I tried on some SkirtSports running skirts in the MarathonGirl style and overall I like them better than the skirts from I also tried on some bike shorts which fit well and some tri shorts which didn’t fit well. I debated buying the bike shorts because they were 30% off at the expo, but ultimately passed. My goal was really to find tri shorts that I can bike and run in. So even though I didn’t buy any clothing, I did leave with another box of mint chocolate GU and some Yankz elastic laces, making it a successful stop. Next year I really hope they still have a duathlon as part of the Tri For The Cure events because it definitely seems like a fun event to participate in.

Next I went to a bike shop located next to the Target off Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd and the 101. The shop was small and the employees weren’t very friendly so I don’t think I’ll be returning. Then I went to Target to check out the Champion clothing and found a pair of tight capri workout pants. There was only one pair and they happened to be size XS so I figured I’d try them on. And suprisingly they fit well and actually don’t look too bad on me. Even though there’s no padding to protect my butt, at least they won’t get caught in the bike gears. The pants were a decent price at $21.99.

The last stop for Saturday was DNA Cycles. What a difference from the other bike store! The employees were great and I loved that they remember me. (Together Troy and I have spent about $1,500 at the store so far, so they better remember us!) The store itself is nicer too, making it a more pleasant shopping experience. I tried on some tri shorts by Pearl Izumi in XS and M and SheBeest in S. I liked the SheBeest tri shorts a lot, especially because they have pockets in the back. I’m all about pockets these days. But I wasn’t ready to buy yet.

Back home I did some googling to find out more about SheBeest. At full price, SheBeest clothing is on the higher end of what I’m willing to spend. But persistance pays off and I found that REI carries SheBeest and they had a couple good deals at the REI Outlet online store.

Troy and I went to REI Sunday. I was hoping they might have some clearance items at the store but they didn’t. I tried on a SheBeest cycling skirt. The size S fit okay, but looked a bit strange because of the splits at the sides of the skirt. While at REI, I got a couple packets of Hammer Gel in vanilla and raspberry because they were on sale for only 79 cents. I tried the raspberry before our bike ride Sunday afternoon. It was tasty, but I didn’t notice any particular surge of energy from it. It seems like the texture of the Hammer Gel is not quite as thick as GU and there’s more of it in the packet. I’ll probably stick primarily with GU for now, but it’s good to know that I don’t have any problem tolerating Hammer Gel.

Anyway, back to the shopping. From REI Outlet, I ended up buying two SheBeest cycling skirts (one in pink and one in blue) and two pairs of SheBeest tri shorts (one in XS and one in S). Of course, I’m not planning to keep everything. I just want some options and will return whatever doesn’t work out. I’m happy that REI offers free shipping to stores so I don’t have to pay any shipping costs. The only drawback is that it takes a couple weeks before I can pick up my order. But hey, at least it’s free.

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