Poor Foot

Ugh. I have another injury. I don’t know why I can’t stay injury-free. Everytime I seem to get into a good pattern of running and working out, something happens and I have to take time off. On one hand, it’s nice to have an excuse to just sit at home and play video games. But on the other hand I really want to keep training and (hopefully) improving.

So yesterday after work, Troy, his mom, and I went to the Desert Botanical Garden. It was warm and sunny outside so I slipped on a pair of flip flops. I wore these J. Crew flip flops around Walt Disney World with no problem (other than my feet being tired from walking all day). But for some reason the bottom of my left foot started hurting last night. By the time I went to bed, I could barely stand on my left foot at all. I had to curl my toes and put most of my weight on my heel which just seemed to make things worse.

My self-diagnosis is that I have metatarsalgia – pain in the forefoot in the area of the metatarsal bones (the bones that connect to the toes). In addition to hurting when I put weight on that part of my foot, it feels like there’s a bump under my foot when I walk. From what I’ve been reading, there doesn’t seemt to be anything I can do. I just have to wait it out. I iced my foot yesterday and this morning, but there’s no immediate difference that I noticed. It did help to wear my Adidas running shoes today because they support my feet better. Usually I wear thin slippers at home, but I might end up wearing my Adidas all night just so I can stand and walk around more easily.

Here are a few helpful websites I found while researching metatarsalgia:

I’m hoping that the injury isn’t too severe and I just need to take a couple days off. I’m already registered for the Fireside at Norterra Adventure Run and really don’t want to miss it. Plus there’s still the Run for the Cheetah the day before that I wanted to do. Unlike my injury before P.F. Chang’s, I can’t even walk the races this time. Ugh.


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