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Bunny Run 5k at Road Runner Sports

I went to the Road Runner Sports in North Scottsdale on Thursday for the Bunny Run 5k. This was the first run I’ve done at the store. There was a run last month for St. Patrick’s Day but I had to skip it because of a pulled muscle. The Bunny Run was definitely better than the Ladies Night event I went to in January.

The run started a little late, around 6:15 instead of 6:00, but that was okay because it gave me time to stretch. Before we started one of the employees explained how the run would work. The course was two loops, and on each loop we would grab a plastic Easter egg. This was the first opportunity for a giveaway. Two of the eggs had coupons for a free pair of shoes. The rest had Easter candy. The course took us around the streets behind the store between Mayo and Princess.

There were a lot of kids running and they were fast! I had an average pace of just over 10 minutes and I was one of the last finishers. My legs were tight the entire run. At first I kept asking myself why I was having so much trouble just running a 5k when I had run a half marathon last weekend. But then I realized that it was probably because I had run a half marathon… my legs were still tired and I hadn’t given them enough time to recover.

The course was a little short. My Garmin read 2.99 miles when I finished. The employee said the course was measured to be run on the sidewalk instead of the road. Since it wasn’t an officially timed race it wasn’t a big deal. For refreshments, the store had Gatorade, Easter cookies, and Larabars available, but no water. I stuck around and browsed the store for awhile. They have a new style of sleeveless top that I liked with a small pocket on the back, just big enough for a couple GUs. I’ll have to wait and see how long it takes to go on sale.

After the last finisher crossed the line, it was time for the raffle. I was impressed by how many goodies they had for a free run. There were two Easter baskets with a hat, socks, and some other stuff. They also gave away individual Road Runner Sports brand tops, hats, water bottles, and maybe more socks. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything, so I took two Larabars with me instead.

The store has a whole bunch of events planned for the rest of the year, mainly centered around holidays. The next is for Memorial Day and I’m definitely going to try and attend.


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