Trying out my new bike

So after driving back from Lake Havasu City, Troy and I made it over to DNA Cycles about 20 minutes before they closed on Saturday to pick up my new bike! The guys at the store are really great. When we originally ordered the bike they charged me $410. But then I noticed that on their website the bike is listed as $399.99. So when I brought this to their attention, they were nice enough to refund me the difference in cash. They also gave me a free water bottle holder and water bottle. Although they were probably laughing at me after we left because my bike is so small that the water bottle doesn’t really fit properly.

I rode around the neighborhood for a bit when we got home to start getting used to the bike. In particular, I had to figure out how to shift gears. My butt was sore, but otherwise I felt fine. It was really fun doing something other than running.

On Sunday, Troy and I went out to Reach 11. I was a little nervous about riding on a trail, but I figured that would be easier than riding on the road with traffic. We took the trail all the way from Tatum to Cave Creek and back… 8.88 miles in 57:57. And we didn’t stop once. I think I did pretty well for my first real bike ride. It was neat seeing the trail from a different perspective and I really liked how much faster it is to bike than run. Hopefully as I ride more I’ll continue to get even faster. I also need to work on getting on and off the bike gracefully. The only downside of the ride is that now my pretty new bike is all dusty.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit bike rides into my training schedule. I guess I’ll start doing my long runs on Saturday and then riding with Troy on Sunday. The rest of the week I’m still not sure about. In May I’ll probably start doing “bricks” – going for a bike ride immediately followed by a run – in preparation for the duathlon. I’m looking forward to riding my bike to and from the gym, and maybe other places around town… but I have to wait for the lock we ordered to get here first.


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