Trying to make feet happy

I wore the Asics for about 5-6 runs and they just weren’t working out for me. So I went back to Runner’s Den to see what they could do for me. Luckily they were nice enough to exchange the Asics for a new pair. The problem with the Asics and the other pairs I tried was that my heel seemed to slip. So the Runner’s Den employee suggested the Adidas Supernova Classic because they have a narrower heel. I ended up getting them in a 6.5.

Today I wore the Adidas for an eight mile run at Thunderbird Paseo Park. So far they seem to be working out well. I think my toes liked the extra room and I didn’t get the tingly problem at all. The only potential isse is that my orthodics didn’t fit right in the shoes so I ran without them. I had a slight ache near my left arch toward the end of the run, but it went away once I stopped running. Anyway, I’m going to try to make it out to The Sports Medicine Store in Scottsdale tomorrow. That’s where I got the orthodics and hopefully they can give me some advice.

I also ordered another pair of the Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 10 from Road Runner Sports. I moved up another size to a 6 since getting the advice that 5.5 is probably too small. My current pair is definitely worn out so I wanted to have them in case the Adidas don’t work out. They should be arriving by mail this week. Then I’ll have to make a decision about which shoes to wear for the race on Saturday.

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