Track Workout and Another Half Marathon

The Arizona Road Racers is a local running group. I did their 5k summer series last year, and also did the 10k at their annual “I-Did-A-Run”. The race fee for the I-Did-A-Run counted as my membership fee for the next year. In addition to discounts at Arizona Road Racers events and local stores, the membership includes weekly coached track workouts. I had been thinking about going to one of the track workouts for awhile, and finally made it to my very first track workout tonight.

I felt a little out of place at first, but spoke to a really friendly guy at the end who made me feel more welcome. There were more people than I expected. For some reason I thought there would only be about eight people. The normal coach wasn’t there tonight, so someone else was filling in. We did 4 400s, 2 800s, and 4 400s. I shorted the first 800 because 1) I was getting my water and started a little late, and 2) I was tired! It was tough, but I think the track workouts will be good for me in improving my speed. I’m going to try and keep going every Tuesday. After the workout, I ran another 6 laps at a slow pace to get in another mile+. (This track is a little short so 4 1/4 laps = 1 mile.) I could have probably kept going, but was getting bored without my iPod and Garmin. Next week I’ll know what to expect and be more prepared.

In other news, I signed up for another half marathon… and it’s in less than two weeks! I was looking for local races to run. I was thinking along the lines of shorter races, but then noticed that there are a small handful of half marathons around the state over the next couple months. I felt good after the Princess and Seattle seems far away right now, so I figured I could throw in one – or maybe even two – more halfs between now and Seattle. I was able to narrow down the possible races based on whether or not I’d get a medal.

The race is the Havasu Half on Saturday, April 4 in Lake Havasu City. Unfortunately it’s a little far away – about a 3-4 hour drive from Phoenix. But luckily I can make Troy drive. We’ll head out on Friday, spend the night in Lake Havasu City and drive back after the race on Saturday. The course looks pretty flat. The highlight of the course is probably running over the famous London Bridge. Even though I haven’t really trained specifically for this race, I’m hoping that my training from the Princess will help me make it through. I’m glad to have gotten in the 7.89 mile run on Sunday, and I’ll probably aim for another 6-8 mile run this weekend. My goal is simply to finish in 2:24 or better.

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