10 mile run along the canal

One of the nice things about running is that it’s taken me all over the Valley to places I would normally never go. Like the White Tank Mountain Regional Park and Apache Junction. Today I drove about 25 minutes to run along the canal. I parked at Thunderbird Paseo Park and then after warming up and stretching I walked over to the canal. This was the first time I’d run along this particular area of the canal. I decided to try it because I wanted to do a 10 mile run and the canal is a good place to run without having to loop or repeat part of the trail like I would have at Reach 11. I was also a little worried that Reach 11 would be muddy because of recent rain.

I ran five miles south on the canal then turned around and did the five miles back. The route was a combination of dirt/gravel and blacktop. For the most part it was flat, but there were four areas where I had to dip down in order to cross underneath the road. Does that count as hillwork?

Around mile four or five I could feel my left foot on the verge of getting tingly and numb. But luckily I was able to shake it off and I didn’t have any problems. I was able to run the entire 10 miles, slowing down only slightly to have a drink of water or get my Sharkies out of my fuel belt. I also slowed down at the end to a 11/12 minute per mile pace because my legs were really tired. When I was done my legs were so stiff that I colud barely walk back to my car. I felt like I had run an entire 13.1 miles and not just 10. I’m glad I know I can make it the entire half marathon distance or else I’d be worried for the Princess. Three hours later, I’m starting to feel back to normal again. But I need to decide whether to do two or just one more run before leaving for WDW.


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