New Shoes

To pick up my race packet for Lost Dutchman, I went to Runner’s Den in Phoenix on Friday. I’d heard a lot of good things about the store but it’s slightly out of the way for me so I’d never stopped by before. I’ve been having some problems with my shoes lately so I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to someone and maybe get a new pair.

Last Monday I ran on the treadmill because it was raining outside. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very good workout. Both of my feet got all tingly again like they were starting to go numb. It got so bad that I had to stop early. Then on Thursday for my run I started to feel the very beginning stages of my left foot feeling tingly but it went away after a bit.

So I talked to a salesperson at Runner’s Den about my concerns and he said that it could be that my shoes are still a little too small. Since I’m running longer distances now, my feet are probably swelling more so that could be why I’m having more problems then when I was doing mainly shorter runs. He brought out a bunch of different shoes for me to try and I ended up deciding on a pair of Asics. They’re Asics GT-2140 in size 6.

At first I thought that I’d probably still wear my Sauconys for Disney, but then I had the tingly foot problem again during the Lost Dutchman 10k yesterday. I looked at reviews for the Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 10 on the Road Runner Sports website and a couple people commented that the shoes wore out very early… at 150/200 miles instead of the usual 300-500. Now those reviews mentioned the heel area getting worn down, and I’m not sure that’s my problem. But with those reviews combined with my shoes likely being too small, I think it’s time to switch over to the Asics.

I’m excited to get out and try the Asics for a short run tonight. I hope I’ll have enough time to break them in before leaving for Disney.


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