3 Medals in 9 Days

I’ve known for months that I wanted to run Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon in March. Since Troy and I were just at WDW in September, my first thought that maybe my family would want to come with me. Then they weren’t really sold on the idea so I thought maybe Troy would come with me after all. Then it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to get time off work so I got myself in the mindset of going solo. I figured I’d take it easy and actually try to meet up with some people from the disboards.com forum that I frequent. Now I’ve come full circle and my parents and sister are coming with me after all. Due to circumstances with their jobs, none of them are working at the moment and luckily are financially well-off enough to be able to take this last minute vacation. So the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of planning – first buying plane tickets and making hotel reservations, then taking care of all the little details which I’m still trying to finalize.

Since there are now four of us sharing the cost of the hotel instead of just me, I got the brilliant idea to extend the length of the trip. Disney recently announced a new inaugural 5k race the Saturday before Princess weekend. So I jumped at the opportunity to be at WDW for both weekends and get an extra medal. We’re staying at Caribbean Beach resort for 10 nights! For the first seven nights, we’re taking advantage of the buy 4 get 3 free promotion which also comes with a nice $200 gift card. Then for the last three nights I booked with the special Princess participant rates.

The basic schedule is that Ellen and I are arriving on Friday afternoon. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to make it out to packet pick-up that night, or if I’ll just wait until morning. The ESPN The Weekend 5k is on Saturday morning at 7am, then Ellen and I have dining reservations for lunch and dinner on Saturday. Our parents arrive late Saturday night. So the next few days will be spent touring the parks with our parents. I don’t have any real plans other than trying to catch all the nighttime shows (Illuminations, Wishes, Fantasmic) and the Spectromagic parade. Oh, and lunch at Coral Reef restaurant on our Epcot day (unfortunately no dinner reservations were available). Then my Princess weekend activities start with the Expo on Friday, the 5k on Saturday, and the 1/2 on Sunday. Our parents are leaving early Sunday morning so at least the three of us will be up bright and early that day. I have no idea whether or not Ellen will accompany me to any of the races. Ellen and I have a dinner reservation Sunday night at Artist Point. Then finally Ellen and I leave on Monday afternoon.

I leave in about 10 days and it seems like my to-do list is still so long! With three races I have to plan out my clothing and fuel for each race. I’ve also got to have workout clothes to get in a couple runs during the week. For Artist Point I need slightly nicer clothing since they have a dress code. I have a feeling that I’m going to have way to many pairs of shoes in my suitcase! Tonight I’m hoping to get all the flight and transportation info mailed out to my parents as well as pay off the last of the hotel reservation. I’ll probably start packing this weekend, if not sooner, and I’ve still got to plan out the rest of my training runs. Next week I need to order bottled water to be shipped straight to the resort. And somewhere in there I’ve got to find a Kinkos somewhere to get my disboards.com/WISH name tag laminated. Oh yeah, and today after work I want to stop by Target because I heard they sell running skirts. I’m looking for a cheap running skirt, preferably in white but black would be okay too.

So there’s a lot to do, but I’m super excited about getting to add in the ESPN The Weekend 5k at the last minute. After this trip I’ll have participated in the last three Disney inaugural races. Or is it four, if you count the Royal Family 5k? I might just have to keep up the trend depending on what else Disney comes up with next.


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