Daily Report

Saturday, January 31

“Breakfast”: Trader Joe’s plantain chips

Lunch/Dinner: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue – mini Hawaiian BBQ chicken meal (grilled chicken on cabbage, one scoop of rice, and macaroni salad), a piece of chicken katsu, and a papaya juice drink with boba

Originally Troy and I were going to have Chipotle. They were doing a special promotion where if you wore red between 2-4pm you’d get a free meal. But when we got to Chipotle just after 3pm, I think, there must have been at least 100 people there! The line was out the door, and wrapped way around the side of the building. We decided we weren’t going to wait that long just to save $14. And that’s how we ended up trying L&L for the first time. I’m pretty sure my “mini” meal was less than $5 which was a great value for all the food I had. The food was good, but I won’t be getting the boba drink again.

Dessert: glass of vanilla soy milk and six Girl Scout Thin Mints

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