Shoe Mileage and Training

I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff on my to-do list, including finishing the race report. But for now I can at least cross off two items.

1) I calculated approximately how many miles I’ve run in my current pair of running shoes. My total came to 105 miles, but I’m going to round up to 120 since I could be missing a few runs. It was hard to remember how much running I did at the beginning of November, but I think my numbers are pretty close. I had been thinking that I would need a new pair of shoes for the Princess 1/2, but it seems like the current pair will last until March.

If I have time, I may still go a running store and see if they can recommend another style of shoe. Right now I have the Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 10. Initially I had them in a size 5, but they were irritating my toes and even caused one toenail to get all black and icky. So when I got new shoes in October, I moved up to a size 5.5. During short runs they’re fine, but after the 1/2 last weekend a couple of my toes were hurting pretty bad. So I don’t know if maybe I should move up to size 6 or if there would be another brand/style of shoe that would work better for me.

2) I also created a “training plan” for the time between now and the next 1/2. It’s actually not that much time. Only 6 weeks. My plan is to do a short 3 mile run on Saturday, followed by my long run on Sunday. That will help me get ready for doing the 5k followed by the 1/2 during Princess weekend. It’s also easier to run on the weekends anyway. During the week I’ll do my strength training at they gym on Mondays and Thursdays, and try to get in a 4-5 mile run on Wednesdays. For my long runs, I have the following distances scheduled: 4, 6, 7.5, 9, 6, then the 1/2. I’d really like to get a 10 mile run in, but I’m worried that would be pushing it. I have to find the balance between being ready and overdoing it. Now that I’ve completed a 1/2 marathon, I’m no longer worried about not finishing the Princess. Instead, my goal is to finish and feel well enough that I can walk around and enjoy WDW during the rest of my trip.

There are a bunch of local races that I’m thinking about doing. For the most part, the races are either for a good cause or in a location where I’d like to do a run. Luckily they fit in pretty nicely with my training schedule, except for the last week where I’ll do my long run on Saturday instead of Sunday.

February 7 – Chinese New Year “Year of the Ox” 5k
February 8 – Runner’s Den Classic Road Races 10k
February 14 – Two Sisters – One Heart Fundraising Event
February 21 – Heart & Sole 5k
February 28 – Foothills 10k
March 1 – Lifetime Fitness Run Wild 5k

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