Daily Report

Friday, January 23

Breakfast: pershing donut (I think in certain areas the word donut would be redundant because a pershing is by definition a donut. But I’ve learned that not everyone knows donut names like pershings and bismarks and even maple bars. There’s a name for  redundant phrases like “pershing donut” and “baby puppy”. I wish I could remember what it is.)

Lunch: leftover eggplant stir-fry and white rice

Snack: box of raisins

Dinner: chips and peach salsa from Trader Joe’s, banana crisps from Trader Joe’s

Dessert: chardonnay cupcake and a couple bites of cabernet cupcake from Scottsdale Bakery (This was my first time trying these flavors. I didn’t really taste any hint of wine in either cupcake, but they were still very good.)


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