What to wear…

I went for another run last night and ended up doing 5 miles at around an 11 minute per mile pace. Since I headed out a bit late, I went to a nearby park (the Coyote Basin Park at Beardsley and Cave Creek just east of Costco) instead of the track. There’s a lighted, paved path around the park and one lap is just under .6 miles (according to the Distance Measurement Tool on Google Maps – I haven’t checked my Garmin yet). The first couple miles I felt a bit stiff, but the last few miles felt good and I could have kept going. That bodes well for the race on Sunday.

All my running tops are from Road Runner Sports in a variety of styles. Yesterday I wore a tank top that I’m thinking about wearing for the 1/2 on Sunday because it has a good sized pocket in the back where I can store my cell phone, gels, and gummies. (I’ve pretty much decided not to wear the water belt for the race.) I loaded up my pocket with about as much as I would be carrying for the race and everything fit. The only problem was that as I was running, sometimes the pocket would start bouncing and I kept having to adjust my top. I think I may be able to fix it by safety pinning the bottom of the pocket to the shirt fabric so I’m going to test that out on Thursday. Otherwise I’ll have to come up with a plan B. The good news is that I had the Sharkies with me and they didn’t melt.

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