A nice Saturday afternoon run

I had a great run on Saturday. It was a beautiful, sunny day and just about the perfect temperature. Since this was a test to see whether my ankles and legs would hold up, I decided to just head to the track for a nice soft, flat surface. After a long warm-up and stretching, I took off at a nice leisurely pace. It felt great to be running again. A lot of people say doing long distances on the track is boring, but I’ve never really minded it. I’d much rather be on the track than on the treadmill. Listening to podcasts keeps me entertained, and for this run I was almost obsessively checking my Garmin to be sure I was keeping a steady pace. I didn’t want to overdo it, so I was trying to stay somewhere around an 11 minute mile although I know I fluctuated quite a bit. Towards the end I was still feeling good so I sped up my pace for the last mile or so. I ran for an hour which ended up being about 5.8 miles.

During the run I tried out some Sharkies that I picked up at REI last week. (I went to buy a couple boxes of mint chocolate GU before they disappear until next winter.) Sharkies are basically gummy candies that are supposed to provide energy during a run. I’d probably describe them as a cross between a Swedish fish and a gummy bear. I had a packet of fruit splash, which I thought was going to be something like a fruit punch type flavor. But it turned out that there was a mixture of four different flavors inside. I’m not sure which ones I had, but I liked them all. It was definitely easier to eat the Sharkies than GU. I’m a little worried that they’d melt into a big gooey mess if they got too hot from being in my pocket during a race, but I may bring them with me anyway for the half marathon. It’s less than a week away!

The only negative aspect of the run was caused by campus security. I used to run at Horizon High School where the track was open pretty much anytime there weren’t any events taking place. But I moved a couple months ago and now I’ve been going to the Paradise Valley Community College track. (I also use the gym there.) When I did my walk earlier last week, I found they lock the track around dusk. Luckily there were a couple other girls out on the track and we were able to stay but had to climb the fence to get out. Well, on Saturday the security guard came over and said that the parking lot gets locked at 4pm. So I had to stop about 25 minutes into my run to go move my car. I asked if I could just leave the car and pick it up the next day, but he said they don’t allow cars to stay overnight. Too bad I didn’t lie and just say that neither of the cars in the lot was mine. Also, I’m positive that I was at the track after 4pm a couple weeks ago and no one made me move my car then. After I finished my run, it wasn’t even dark yet when the security guard came back to lock up. Since I was almost done stretching, I just left. But I don’t understand why they have to lock everything up like that. What’s the big deal? There are a couple high schools in the area. But the one time I went to North Canyon High School, I had to leave once cheerleading practice ended. The other high school is just a bit too far away to be convenient, but I’ll probably check it out one of these days.


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