To run or not to run

I’m in a state of limbo right now. My very first half marathon is only 10 days away and I still don’t know if I’m going to walk or run. My last attempt to run was Saturday, December 27 so I’ve decided to wait until this Saturday before I try running again. That will give me a full two weeks of rest from running, but not much time before the race to get back in the swing of things. Hopefully the rest and my new orthotics will do the trick. Although at this point I guess I don’t mind too much if I have to walk.

My walk last night went well. I calculated that in order to finish the race under three hours, I have to walk 4.4 miles an hour, which I was able to do last night. The challenge will be to keep up that pace for three hours instead of just one.

I tried out my new water belt for the first time last night. It’s a “Speed 2” from Nathan in pink. It felt a little odd but not uncomfortable. I definitely liked it much better than Troy’s water pack that I used a few times for my longer runs. My cell phone is candy bar style so it was almost too long to fit in the pocket, but I squeezed it in along with one gel packet. It would be nice if the pocket was just a bit bigger. Overall I’m happy with the purchase (only $25 from Amazon) and can’t wait to try it out on my next long run away from the track.


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